Dominican Republic Tourist Card

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Dominican Republic Tourist Card

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Planning travel can be a fun and exciting venture. We plan outfits, adventures, and activities, but we might be forgetting one important detail: tourist cards and visas. Traveling to the Dominican Republic does not exclude us from having to concern ourselves with these details; luckily it doesn’t have to be as confusing and burdensome as one might expect.

A visa is a type of authorization given to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain, or leave a country. Visas typically restrict access to the country in which you are planning to travel to, setting limits on dates and times you are able to remain within the country, as well as possible restrictions on areas you are allowed to visit. Every country has its own requirements for travel visas, so planning your trip well ahead of time is necessary to avoid complications getting in or out of a particular country.

Recent Visa Updates

When it comes to the Dominican Republic, fortunately, their visa system has changed as of April 2018, making it easier than it previously was to facilitate travel to the island. Before April, the Dominican Republic’s “visa” was known as a “tourist card.” However, it is now referred to as the “tourist entry tax.” This new tax is now incorporated into your airline ticket. This means that at the time of purchasing your airfare, a minimal special tax is added to the final price of your airline ticket.

Seeing as a tourist card is not a physical card you need to carry, there are no worries about misplacing this important piece of your travel puzzle!

Most visitors who plan on traveling by air, including those from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, the European Union, Mexico, and many South American countries will only need a valid passport with at least one blank page, aside from the tourist entry tax that will have been paid previous to entering the country. However, those having citizenship from other countries, such as Colombia, Egypt, India, and Cambodia, among others, will need to actually apply for a tourist card before traveling to the island.

The Dominican Republic, which boasts eight international airports, various ecological zones, and world-class beaches, is more appealing and easier to explore than ever before, due to the lax restrictions on foreign travelers.

Next time you find an exotic beach vacation at the top of your adventure list, consider the Dominican Republic. With minimal pre-planning and budget-friendly destinations, the D.R. is a place definitely worth adding to your list.