Embracing Nature’s Splendor: Eco-Tourism and Conservation on Saona Island

Boats in front of Saona Island

Nestled off the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, Saona Island is a jewel of natural beauty. This idyllic paradise, part of the Cotubanamá National Park, is not just a haven for tourists seeking pristine beaches but also a beacon of eco-tourism and conservation efforts. In this exploration, we delve into the ecological significance of … Read more

Amazing Saona Island Turtle Sanctuary

Caribbean Sea Turtle

Saona Island is one of the gems of the Caribbean Sea and a must-see place for anyone who is on holiday in Punta Cana. Its endless white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters will be a haven of peace far away from civilization. While you can visit Saona Island from Playa Bávaro itself on a … Read more