10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saona Island

Visit Saona Island, off the southeast tip of the Dominican Republic, is a dream-like paradise. The white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, starfish natural pools, and other sea creatures make it a place you’ll never want to leave. A family-friendly place that has something for everyone is another reason Saona Island is so well-loved.
Reasons To Visit the Island

Caribbean Paradise
As mentioned before, Saona Island is a paradise. It’s considered to be a tourist favorite among international visitors to the Dominican Republic. Its beaches have gorgeous white sand along a turquoise sea which makes sit a beauty to view and popular to take photographs.

Swim with Starfish
The natural pool is located near the island where tourists love to interact with starfish. It’s also a favorite among families as children have also enjoyed swimming with the starfish. Snorkeling is a fun activity as well.

Saona Island Starfish
Crystal clear waters and plenty of Starfish can be found on Saona Island

Popular Excursions
Saona Island is such a popular place to visit. There are tons of day-long excursions you can choose from. You can travel by catamaran, sailboats, or speedboats. You’ll spend a day at the island dancing, eating, and swimming to your heart’s content.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
Another popular activity to do while visiting the island is scuba diving or snorkeling. If the Caribbean Sea stands out for anything, it is for its great marine attraction and for having waters with an ideal temperature.

There is a great variety of colorful fish waiting for you under the water of Saona Island, you just need to put on your snorkel and goggles in.

Marine Life Watching
While you’re scuba diving or snorkeling, you might spot dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, starfish, and schools of brightly-colored tropical fish swimming. Humpback whales have also been seen at times nearby. It’s a great place to watch marine life in their natural habitat.

Friendly Native People
The Taino native people in the fishing village of Mano Juan are so friendly and truly enjoy your visits. You’ll get a taste of the culture easily while visiting with them. They love tourists.

Small House with Ocean View
Residence of local fishermen

There are so many fun activities to do while you visit Saona Island. You can dance the merengue, visit the Tiki Bar, play volleyball, enjoy lunch at the buffet, swim or walk along the beach.

Delicious Seafood
Part of the island’s success is its natural environment that offers a broader view of our mother nature. But without a doubt, enjoying a good meal is one of the “tastiest” reasons to make an excursion to Saona Island.
Enjoy a good seafood or typical dishes of Punta Cana is part of the experience on Saona Island. Its shores invite you to relax, enjoy refreshing cocktails on the beach and taste delicious fish or a barbecue for lunch.

Is Not Expensive
One of the best things about Saona Island is that it is an affordable place. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a tropical destination without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a destination that is affordable, you should consider Saona Island.

Quite Place
Unlike the most visited areas in the Dominican Republic, Saona Island is much calmer and quieter… Something that is not very common on beaches. The population is sparse and once you are there, you will feel like the whole place was reserved just for you, your family or your lover.

Shady Spot under Palm Trees
Quiet place under the shades of Caribbean palm trees

Saona Island is a beautiful island that many people love to visit. The beaches, water, marine life, native people, and activities there make this a trip for anyone and everyone to enjoy!