The 6 Best Beaches of Dominican Republic

Since we were kids, an escape to the beach was the highlight of our summer. Once school was over kids and parents likewise could only think about the summer break and spending family time at the beach. The Dominican Republic has become over the last years one of the top beach destinations in the Caribbean. So during this, summer there’s nothing more natural than thinking about booking your next vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Even though most people simply book a vacation package to Punta Cana and remain there the entire time, there are a lot more amazing beaches throughout the entire country. We often get the question: “Where In Dominican Republic Are The Best Beaches?” and hope the following list of world-class beaches awakens the urge to explore more of the country.

Here are the best Dominican Republic beaches that you just need to pay a visit to:

#6: Playa Bonita on Saona Island

Located on the northwest of Saona island you will find a little paradise called Playa Bonita. Even though this beach’s popularity has been increasing over the years, it is still one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. There is still a lot of coconut palm trees that you can use to relax under and to enjoy a good and fresh cocktail.

#5: Playa Boca Chica

Just 20 miles away from the capital Santo Domingo, Playa Boca Chica is, without any question, one of the most popular beaches in the country. So, you can be sure you’ll find a lot of people, food stands, and many souvenir shops. However, the calm waters that are protected by a coral reef are completely worth the trip.

#4: Playa Grande

Playa Grande is a private beach. To access the beach you can either enter via Playa Grande Beach Club or the Amanera resort. This is a secluded, golden, and wide beach, and is just the perfect place when you want some privacy. After all, it is backed by jungle and cliffs.

#3: Playa Rincon

When you’re looking for that turquoise and warm water to go for a swim, you need to go to the eastern shore of the Samaná Peninsula, where the Playa Rincon is located. The view just couldn’t be better. You’ll be able to see the Cape Cabrón cliffs as well as the virgin coconut forest from one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

#2: Playa Bahoruco

If you’re a surfer, then you need to make sure that you go to the Playa Bahoruco. Located in Barahona, this long white pebble beach is just the ideal spot to catch some good waves. However, you shouldn’t take a swim here since the undertow is strong.

#1: Eagle Bay Beach

DomRep Best Beaches (Bahia Aguila)
Bahia de Las Aguilas, Dominican Republic – By Scmjht, via Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 3.0

In Spanish, “Bahia de Las Aguilas” is a real insider tip. If you’re into exploring to find the best beaches, then Eagle Bay Beach is where you want to go. Located near the Haiti border, it will give you some time and work to get there. You’ll need to either rent a four-wheel drive or hire a boat. However, it will be completely worth it. As soon as you get there, you’ll be able to see some picturesque rock formations, numerous wildlife species, coral reefs, and more. Just make sure that you take snacks for the entire day because you won’t have anything to buy there.