Snorkeling on Saona Island

Snorkeling off Saona Island

A very popular place to visit while in the Dominican Republic is Saona Island known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise water which is home to many colorful and interesting creatures. The huge biodiversity found in the ocean surrounding the island makes for a great place to go snorkeling.

Getting to Saona Island

In order to enjoy snorkeling, you have to get to the island first. You can drive about an hour and a half from Punta Cana and then hop on a speedboat or catamaran. Many businesses, however, offer day excursions where you’ll be taken out on a catamaran and brought back on a speedboat and dropped off at your hotel. It’s just that easy.

The best place to snorkel or scuba dive in Bayahibe, a town just outside of Punta Cana and that is on the way to the island. Choose a scuba excursion that fits your experience level and takes you to the places you want to see.

Types of Excursions

You can schedule different types of excursions based upon your desires. If you want to do a day trip excursion that includes activities on the island, then you can choose from many sources.

You can also find excursions that are more secluded and private where you’ll be taken away from the busy catamaran shores of the island that are filled with tourists. These tours will also mainly focus on the snorkeling rather than other island activities. You will visit more than one stop on your excursion if you choose this one.

What You’ll See Snorkeling

Depending on where you’re taken on the snorkeling excursion, you might be able to see quite a number of unique things. Some snorkeling tours take you near shipwrecks. You’ll be sure to see many different types of sea creatures possibly including colorful, tropical fish, stingrays, nurse sharks, dolphins, seahorses, puffer fish, trumpet fish, and starfish.

What You’ll Need to Take

 Swimsuits
 Towels
 Sunscreen
 Sunglasses
 Beach wear (sandals, cover up, etc.)
 Money
 Camera
 Sense of adventure

Saona Island is one of a kind. Snorkeling in the crystal clear, blue-green waters near Saona Island is priceless. You and your family will never forget the magical trip and snorkeling trip you took to this paradise.