Dominican Starfish Aquarium

Did you ever want to see Starfish in their natural environment? Saona Island offers visitors large fields of Starfish right off the coast. People know the island as a paradise for swimming and snorkeling. It is a Caribbean paradise with white beaches and coconut trees. Saona Island is one of the most popular destinations for day trips in the south of the Dominican Republic. Especially visitors staying in resorts in the Punta Cana and La Romana area visit the island.

Dominican Starfish Saona Island
Snorkeler holding blue starfish and looking into camera

To get to Saona Island you can book a tour via Speedboat, Catamaran or a hybrid package. Most packages you can buy include a buffet lunch, open bar and many additional fun activities. The main attraction of Saona Island is the time to swim and discover the beauty of the underwater world. In Caribbean Sea you will be surrounded by tropical fish and colorful coral reefs. In the white sand of the ground, you are most likely to see starfish that populate the area.

Discover the Dominican Republic

A day on Saona island will provide you with lasting memories. Get to know the tropical paradise and the protected reef of the countries largest island. Saona island is the picture perfect site within the Dominican Republic. The island is forming part of the largest national park in the country and a must-see when vacationing in Punta Cana.

Caution: Many guides incentivize tourists to pick up the Starfish from the ground of the sea to take pictures. Please be aware that the Dominican Starfish are sensitive animals. Starfish do not survive longer than 10 seconds outside of the ocean. If possible do not remove them from their natural habitat.