6 Amazing Things to Do on Saona Island

There is a little paradise called Saona Island. Located in the Dominican Republic this island is among the eight Caribbean dream islands by the popular “Caribbean Travel and Life” Magazine. Saona Island is getting more and more famous every year and this is due to its scenic views and many things that you can explore. There are many tourist groups available for you so as to explore this island.

Top Things to Do on Saona Island

Visit the Turtle Sanctuary Recovery Centre

Preserving nature for future generations has become an important part of life in the local communities. Saona is a place that is dedicated to the protection of the local turtle species. 3 types of turtles visit the island to lay their eggs. The hawksbill, leatherback, and extremely rare green turtle come to Saona and need your protection. Locals and the government opened up the turtle sanctuary to ensure the successful breeding of the 3 turtle species.

Caribbean Sea Tutle
Photo by Cédric Frixon on Unsplash

Go trekking around Laguna Los Flamencos

This lake houses many native bird species which is just close to Mano Juan. The perfect time to come here is early in the morning as there are many birds around at this time. The hike up the trail is up to an hour and you will get to see magnificent views on the way while you will also see different floras and the highlight of the hike is the mesmerizing view of the flocks of American flamingos that soars over the lagoon.

Scuba Diving in Pedernales

This is one of the best things to do in Pedernales as you will love the unique rock formations and you will get to see some best-preserved coral reefs on the island. On a dive trip here, you will get to see the largest number of baby hawksbill turtles here.

Swim in Canto de la Playa Beach

This is regarded as the best beach in Saona Island in the southeast and you will have to hike through a wooded area so as to get here. The beach is just walking distance from Mano Juan and this beach is accessible to the car. You will really enjoy the wonderful palm grove which is perfect for sunbathing and this beach is also a good place to practice snorkeling.

Go snorkeling on Saona Island

Soana is the best place to try out marine sports because of its perfect water temperature. You should ensure that you try out snorkeling while on vacation here as you will get to see a variety of colorful fishes that you can see. You will also love the clarity of the water here which will make your diving trip enjoyable.

Man Snorkeling in Saona
Snorkeling on Saona in the Dominican Republic

How to get there
You can get to this island by speedboat which leaves here from the small Bayahibe dock to Saona Island during the day and it is run by tourist agencies. The boat leaves as soon as it is full and it is a short trip to Saona island. You should try to carry with you the necessary luggage that you will be needing on the trip because the space on the boat is limited.

Travel Tips for the Dominican Republic

The radiation of the sun is multiple times stronger than further north. On Saona Island you are in the Caribbean. You should try to come with a good amount of sunscreen. It is also important that you always stay dehydrated. You should also reduce the non-alcoholic liquids so that you can stay dehydrated.

Exchanging Money
The US Dollar is broadly accepted in the Dominican Republic. If you prefer to pay in local currency you should try to exchange money at the banks. You will see the daily exchange rates published on screens, so you that you can browse through and then sell your dollars to the bank with the offers that suit you. Another option to obtain Dominican Peso is using a local ATM. Either way, you should avoid the black market as you will get bad rates here.

Sankie Pankies
You should beware of people in these groups as they will show tourist men and women a good time on the island and this is mainly so that you can fall in love with them and you will then be sending money to them when you return home. Their main aim is so that you can bring them to your country and they will leave you as soon as they have the documents that they need.

The concept of time is a little different
Timekeeping is relaxed in the Dominican Republic and you can even arrive 15 or 30 minutes late. The local expression “al ratito” can mean anything from in a few minutes to never. Although many tour groups understand the importance of staying on schedule. In order not to miss anything important it is recommended to go on time.

Don’t drink the tap water
The tap water in the Dominican Republic is not safe to drink. Please avoid swallowing the untreated water since it might contain bacteria that cause diarrhea. The tap water is safe for daily use like brushing your teeth. In all major resorts and almost everywhere you go, purified or bottled water that you can drink is available. To brush their teeth you can use either one.